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Founded in 2007 by guitar instructor and his student- a Vietnam Marine

The men realized that guitar and lessons were a catalyst for a positive human

interaction and joy where it had once been lost

Guitar and lessons are provided at no cost to injured US Military Veterans

Ten private lessons are shared on practice guitars Donated by local community

Upon Completion, the Veteran/student is awarded a brand new acoustic and accessories

Th2 Veterans continue this journey as long as they desire with weekly group lessons and Jam sessions.

Playing Guitar opens up windows of serenity as it is meditation in motion

Though not the cure for PTSD and other injuries, G4V makes the road to recovery a bit easier

G4V is implemented by hundreds of volunteers at more than 50 Chapters Nationwide

More than 2000 guitars and 20,000 lessons have been given to wounded service men and women by G4V.

It costs only $200.00 to enroll a Veteran in this curriculum

The huge demand for this program can only be supported by donations of instruments and funds

Guitars 4 Vets is a registered non-profit and your gifts may be tax deductable

" I ask all of you who feel that you have benefitted from the incredible sacrifices of our brothers and sisters in the Armed Forces to join or mission

Please go to www.Guitars4Vets.org or cakk G4V-HERO to donate and make a difference

You have the power to enrich the lives of those who would lay down theirs for us

You can put " The healing power of music in the hands of heroes".

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