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Impact Picks Family






 Thierry Huylebroeck  

Band KOB, From France                                                                                    


                                                          Maycown Reichembach                          Blood Feast



 Adam Hammer                                     Brecken Miles                                         Francesco D'Andrea


Jon Theis     Solo Artist                            Kenxi Dupey / Drugs Delaney             Kurt Arft /Hard Rock Revolution


Kipp Angel                                                  LVictoria  / LA Velvet                                          Ryan Boyd


   Christopher Salyer                            Richard Spencer Band Suspence                              Teeze 


       Craig "Thumper" Samuels           Austin Willette Solo Artist/ 12TH AVENUE    Cory Scheider / Casket Robbery


   Tao/ Braced 4 Impact























LVictoria   Impact Picks User  Check her Out on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook.  Check out her CD Series of Miracles




 Justin James  Custom Pick User    









Veteran Song writer Troy Castellano

Hey Guys

I picked up a few samples of your picks at the Musician's Trade fair at the St Paul Armory. All I can say is I love these picks! They feel great in the hand, stick to my fingers well, and are great for both rocking on the electric guitar or strumming the acoustic. I use various thicknesses depending on what I'm playing and all the gauges felt nice! I am a recording artist and playing guitar daily. Now I just have to get to a store that sells them :) Wish they are available everywhere. Just wanted to drop you a note to tell ya how much I love 'em! You can find out about me at www.troycastellano.com.

Thanks guys!

Troy Castellano




I've been trying to get the time to sit down and write this email, and its pretty long overdue. I wanted to give you a shout and just let you know how fantastic your picks are. I've been playing for around 13 years now, jumped around a lot of pick companies, and by chance i had found yours in my local music shop and figured i would give it a shot. That was probably a year ago, I haven't purchased a different pick brand since. We travel a lot and play different towns, and between that and practicing two to three times a week, i lose picks constantly. I buy them all the time, and i keep coming back to yours. We were using dunlops for a bit, and even though i can't put my finger on it, impacts just feel different.


-The Dear You Family
Chris Roach, Louis Moore, Danny Davis, and Mason Mcdonald


I bought your picks at a local store here in South East Texas- but they ran out and I haven't found them since - until now online!!!

I LOVE these picks - they are perfect.


Mike Zito



Jeff Black,



Other testimonials


Thanks for sending me your jazz impact picks, I can honestly say I have settled on your jazz picks after trying hundred's of picks from different brands such as Dunlop, Ibanez, Fender, Gibson, Pickboy, JP Pearse, Red bear, Tonebones, Clayton, V-Pick etc.. and the list goes on.

The size, balanced tone, silky string release and price are all spot on. I highly recommend anyone to give them a try.

Disclaimer: I am not a stooge nor do I have any affiliation with Impact picks, I am simply satisfied with their product.

Thanks, Stephen.

 samua2.jpg    Craig  ( Thumper )  Samuals


 Tao      Braced 4 Impact








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