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About Us


                                                             "Play like you mean it!" 


                      To my friend Dave Jeffery founder of Impact Picks




A guitar pick must be perfect from one to another; unbreakable, always available, and they must possess a quality that is desirable to the artist and their style. With as many different guitar player’s styles and techniques out there today, there is a need for a variety of guitar picks as well. Impact Picks Micro-Grip Series is a great pick for dynamic and aggressive strumming which gives the artist the ability to pick up lead lines more easily between rhythm strokes. And, our exclusive "Micro-Grip" surface keeps the pick from slipping as you play, keeping repositioning to a minimum. Tone is medium to bright. 

Impact Picks jazz pick the “Precision 1.2M”. The 1.2M Jazz Pick is great pick for lead work. Having a specially designed edge for dynamic picking and long life, you will surely enjoy playing in ways you never have until now.

We know our customers will keep coming back for them.

If you have an interest in our picks please give us a call 715-768-5144 or email,

We will be happy to send you samples at your request.    Thanks Keith Dillon


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